Quick Facts

  • Great for university students -- can help with homework, etc.
  • Also good opportunity for retirees
  • If you need a Helper willing to drive, obtain driving record and agree on costs
  • Can be part-time or full-time, depending on your needs
  • Rate is usually on par with the going rate of nannies
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Before & After School Care

Once kids are in school, Families often only need help in the morning or for a few hours after school.

This is often a perfect job for university students who can go to classes during the day and appreciate the chance to make some money in the evenings. Also, if your kids need help with homework in a certain subject, help with music or sport practice, you can seek out a young person with relevant skills and make this more than a "child minding" exercise.

Before and after school care can also be a great opportunity for someone who is retired and has the energy to look after school aged kids. This has become so frequent it's now known as "Grandma-for-hire". Some retirees who wan to travel but can't afford to use this as an opportunity - in exchange for room and board and a small stipend, they become "Granny-au-pairs".

What to Keep in Mind

For some Families, a person with a driver's licence and a car they are willing to use is the most important criteria as after school activities can require lots of logistics and transportation. Obtaining a driving record can be important before entrusting loved ones to another's driving. It is also important to establish an agreement ahead of time about how costs related to use of the car will be handled - gas, parking, upkeep.

Some Families find that their children are very independent and just need an adult in the house, but no hands on care. Then it's a great chance to seek someone who can help cook meals or help with household tasks.

Unless the Helper lives with you or very close by, it's good to ensure that either the number of hours booked or the hourly rate make it worthwhile for the Helper to consider a frequent, but shorter daily commitment. How much should you pay the sitter? The rate for care is usually on par with whatever is the going rate for nannies. In any case, it is important to confirm the expectations of someone who applies for this part-time work. Were they originally looking for a full-time opportunity? If yes, it's good practice to help them find another Family to help make up the hours they need so they can continue with you. Just be careful of not ending up "ditched" on short notice by someone who accepts part-time work, but wants something full-time. It's impossible to avoid, but most instances can be prevented by asking before hiring.

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