Finding Elder Care & Personal Caregivers

Quick Facts

  • Live-in & live-out caregivers
  • Pay rates depend on location & level of care (average North American non-nursing assistant: $15-25/hr
  • Ensure the Helper can safely perform all required duties as well as fit well in your Family
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Elder Care & Personal Caregivers

When you need elder or personal care, you have the choice between hiring live-in and live-out caregivers. It is easier and faster to find live-out caregivers, but if you have the space to bring someone in as a live-in, it does help with costs and flexibility. Who are the Helpers? Often people from overseas who may or may not have special degrees related to providing care. Increasingly as well, local students and graduates without work in their field are happy to help with care or errands on a part-time or occasional basis.

What to Keep in Mind

The expected pay rates depend on where you live, the level of care needed and their level of experience. The average pay rate in North American for a non-nursing assistant would be $15-25/hr. The amount you can deduct for room and board for a live-in Helper is often regulated by local rules and is usually around $325-500/month.

There are two important things to consider when hiring someone to help an elderly person. The first is trust and whether the Helper can safely perform all required duties, including driving to appointments, giving medication and doing transfers.

The second is fit. Finding someone who can communicate clearly in the person’s native language, talk about common interests and have a similar sense of humour are important factors in avoiding tension and helping the person avoid loneliness.

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