Quick Facts

  • Occasional care
  • Families usually maintain a roster of 2-3
  • Independent contractors or employees
Live-In Nannies
Live-Out Nannies
  • Part-time or full-time care
  • Usually between $10-$20, most in the $12-$15 range
  • Employees
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Babysitters fall under occasional care, either regularly scheduled or when needed. Many sitters are students who are looking to bring in a little extra income who also want the chance to spend time around kids. Many Families maintain a list of 2-3 people they can call regularly for help. Some Families only call on babysitters when needed, and other Families like to maintain the relationship and ensure kids have the chance to interact with another adult and remain familiar with them.

Sitters were once considered independent contractors and not employees, so paying in cash was the norm. Increasingly, rules of employment status are being tightened to protect the babysitter and ensure revenues are properly declared. If you are not sure if your sitter falls under the category of employee or independent contractor, you can check with your government.

Live-In Nannies

The official Live-In Caregiver Program in Canada requires that the caregiver is a foreigner filling a position for which Canadian citizens and permanent residents are not available (i.e. job was posted and nosuitable applications were received).

The live-in caregiver must:

  • Provide care on a full-time basis (minimum 30 hours per week) to:
    • Children, younger than 18 years of age
    • Elderly, older than 65 years of age
    • Persons with disabilities
  • Live and work without supervision in the private household where the care is being provided
  • Meet the requirements set by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC)/Service Canada.

Employers must meet all the increasingly more stringent program requirements, including wages, working conditions and occupation and advertisement requirements. Wages are usually $6 to $8/hr after subtracting room and board.

Many nanny agency services offer assistance with this process with fees usually starting at $1000 per placement. Keep in mind that there are also people already in Canada who are interested in a live-in arrangement essentially mirroring the conditions set up by the formal government program. Advertising such a position with us usually yields many great candidates, so it may not be necessary to go through the hard and long process of bringing someone in whom you often can’t even meet before they arrive to live in your home.

Live-Out Nannies

A live out nanny can be part-time, full-time or more than full-time. Most nannies nowadays are older than 21 and have some college or university education. They are often either younger(students or recent graduates) or older women (immigrants, transitioning between jobs orretired). They come with various degrees of experience and also varied perspectives on what is optimal child care and development and it’s important to discuss this.

Live-out nannies usually make between $10 to 20/hr and most are in the $12 to $15 range. Nannies used to stay with a Family for years, often going from housekeeper to nanny to housekeeper again. The new reality is that for many, it’s a temporary career, usually lasting one to three years.

You are considered an employer and have to manage payroll and other employer obligations (but not to worry – write to us and we can help). For both live-out and live-in nannies, you can look for nanny sharing arrangements with another Family if this is the right option.

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